Ice Station Merthyr!

Peace, one and all…


It’s currently 3:07 am and as usual for a Thursday night/Friday morning, I’m putting the finishing touches to this week’s teaching material.  However, unlike most weeks, as I look out of the window of our study this morning I see a scene reminiscent of Ice Station Zebra.  There is what appears to be a blizzard whirling its way around the valleys of Merthyr.  The snow is dancing in the night air in confused, ecstatic circles.

This has been the pattern for much of the past week.  The snow began to arrive on Sunday evening and by Monday afternoon, we were virtually snowed in.  Living high up, this is only to be expected perhaps.  Indeed, the native Merthyr folk began buying in extra provisions as soon as the weather forecasts began to speak of snow.  Thus, even though it snows in the UK in most winters, we are (as ever) ill-prepared for it.  Transport links have ground to a halt, and whole swathes of the countryside have been cut off from the outside world!

I have only managed to make it into work twice during this week.  Whilst the prospect of an unexpected holiday might initially be welcome, being confined to barracks is not really much fun.  Of course, the children enjoyed the first couple of days, but now they’re really itching to get back to school (and my wife and I are itching for them to return there too)!

At any rate, we took some nice photos of the snow (which I’ll try to post here soon insha Allah), and it was nice to play in the snow with the kids.  Indeed, it was Layla’s first experience of Ice Station Merthyr.  I have to say that she has thoroughly enjoyed the experience, taking it all in her stride.

For myself, I only hope that I can get to work this morning (for 9:00am) in order to teach.  So, instead of praying for rain, I’m praying for a functional bus and rail network!

Ya Allah!

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


2 thoughts on “Ice Station Merthyr!

  1. Very early to be planning lessons :-s! Goodness me what a dedicated teacher Masha’Allah! Pray the rail/buses are in action in only for sanity of you and your wife.

  2. Salams Zahida,

    Not so dedicated! It’s really just the only quiet time I get to put stuff together!

    I managed to get into work, al hamdu lillah. The buses were out of action, but the trains were fine,.

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