Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum

Peace, one and all…


Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum (‘O Living One!  O Self-Subsisting One!’) is one of my favourite qawwali songs.  For those unfamiliar, this is a song in praise of God.  Here is a beautiful three-part rendition by the world famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  The lyrics are available, as is an English translation.

Enjoy and may Allah bless all who pass by.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


21 thoughts on “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum

  1. I really enjoy his music. I came across him when I was in India a few years ago. Do you like the Sabri Brothers? One of my favourites is Ya Mustapha which I came across by accident when I saw one of the designs for their CD’s in a design magazine.

  2. Hi Jaya,

    Welcome to my online home. Yes, I love the Sabri brothers. Ya Mustapha is a favourite of mine too. Is it the CD with the leaf inscribed with Arabic calligraphy?

  3. Thanks for this! This is one of my most favorite qawwalis of Nusrat sahab… Very touching and very deep! Salaam 🙂

  4. i am unable to find the english translation, link seems to be broken. would u be able to email me on my mail address.
    many thanks

  5. I first listened to this quawwali enroute to India from the US to attend my mother’s funeral in India way back in 1994. Another graduate student gave me a tape of this This was the first quawwali of Nusrat sahib I ever listened to. Even though I didn’t understand the meaning of this quawwali at that time, listening to it gave me solace. Since then I have listened to a lot of quawwalis and I always try to get the meaning behind the words. Irrespective of one’s religion, they are always moving – and this coming from someone who is not religious Thanks for your post Abdur.

  6. Peace Vivekanandhan Raja

    Welcome to my online home. Blessings to you.

    Solace in time of need is exactly what such things are there for, in my personal opinion, regardless of creed, colour, race or belief.

  7. Dear farhan Ali writer is my grand father Allama Rashk hussain Turabi (late) from Sargodha, he is also known as faqeer-e-sargodha.

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