St. Peter’s, Heysham

Peace, one and all…


When I was an undergraduate student at Lancaster University during the late nineties (in the History Department), I had the good fortune of visiting one of the most peaceful places on earth.  It’s an out of the way church in the small seaside village of Heysham.  The Church of St Peter’s in Heysham was probably founded in 1080 CE, although there is evidence of a church on the site going back to the 7th century.  You can find out more about this interesting place, at this very interesting website.

As soon as I stepped across the threshold I knew I was in a very special place – a place of great spiritual peace and tranquility, as though God’s presence were made almost physically tangible. 

That there are still such places in the world, in spite of all the current violence, is a sign of God’s great and overflowing mercy.  May Allah bring peace to the people of Gaza and to the people of the whole world.

Ya Allah!

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


4 thoughts on “St. Peter’s, Heysham

  1. Hello, I have been following your blog for a few weeks and came here via Tess’s Anchors and Masts.

    I also visited this church around 1996 while a student at St Martin’s, Lancaster. I saw the church at sunrise. It’s a beautiful place. These are lovely pictures!

  2. The most peaceful place on earth is where God’s pure presence is.

    As soon as we step across the threshold of God’s wisdom we know that we have arrived at an extraordinary special place; for here is where God’s great perfect gracious love and healing mercy to be found.

    Abdur, may God our richest blessing continue to bring increased purity to your heart and your precious wife’s heart.

    Thank you so much, Abdur, for sharing so many beautiful and inspiring articles with us.

    May God bless your entire family richly with good health and the desire to love and obey Him with increased delight and exactness in 2009. Amen.

  3. Peace Deb,

    Welcome to my online home. Thanks for stopping by.

    I was a student at lancaster from 95-98, and I had a girlfriend at the time who was studying at Charlotte Mason in Ambleside (part of St Martin’s at the time)!

    This is a really beautiful church (the photos aren’t mine, I’m afraid – I found them on Google), and I remember my visit with much affection. It is indeed a beautiful place.

    God bless you always, and welcome again.

    Abdur Rahman

  4. Peace Josef,

    Yes – the most peaceful place on earth is wherever God’s pure essence is.

    Amen to your prayers, and may God shower His mercies upon you and your family always. May your face always be bright, with the love of God.

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