Eid Sufi Music

Peace, one and all…

Eid Mubarak!  Welcome to my blog on this, the first day of Eid.  In gratitude to Allah for all that Hu has wrought, here is some beautiful Sufi music from around the world. Enjoy and may Allah bless us all in these trying times.


A.Kirvar’dan Bugün Bize Pir Geldi

Mevlevi Ayini-Naat

Mevlevi Ayini-Son Taksim

Mevlevi Ayini-Baş Taksim-M.Sadreddin Özçimi

Mevlevi Ayini-İlk Peşrev-Sadreddin Özçimi

Mevlevi Ayini-Kuranı Kerim

Halil Necipoğlu – Lebbeyk & Sulatanım Allah

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

5 thoughts on “Eid Sufi Music

  1. Beautiful! And yes, may Allah bless us all as a humanity of one people, though distributed about with different customs, we all need His blessing and we need to ask for His guidance and mercy.

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