Pearls from the Seas of Blog

Peace, one and all…

Here are links to some interesting posts that I have recently come across.  Enjoy and may Allah make them useful.

Update: Julaybib of Cultural Anarchlyst has very kindly sent me a link to an extended, online bibliography.  Jazak Allah (if I had a hat I’d be tipping it now)!

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

8 thoughts on “Pearls from the Seas of Blog

  1. I haven’t visited for a while. Your blog is always filled with lovely verse and an informed look at Islam. I need to sit down and read more as I have found nothing but beauty in what I have read. I wish more people would take the time to learn instead of fear the things they don’t understand. What a world we could have.
    Peace to you

  2. Dear Abdur


    I came across your website a few months ago via Mystic Saint site which I had been visiting on and off for a few years. There’s alot I could say but I suspect it would culminate in an incoherent
    ramble and unsure whether ‘comments’ is the appropriate place either. Anyway, I must let you know that the ‘seeker’ that is me appreciates greatly the generosity of your website. I’ve struggled to keep my heart open during my existence but its what is asked of me – and that same heart sang when -via your site – I found way to dharmakaya’s prayer. Al-hamdulilah

  3. Peace Goldenferi,

    What a lovely thing to say. God bless you always. Dharmakara’s Prayer is an interesting blog indeed.

    Al hamdu lillah indeed!

    Blessed be…

    Abdur Rahman

  4. Salaams Jawad,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always. Thank you for stopping by. Any place is fine for your comments. To be honest, I don’t worry about that kind of thing at all: say what you want to say, where you want to say it.

    Allah! Help us all to open our hearts.

    Dharamakara’s Prayer is a beautiful and interesting blog.

    My salaams to you and yours,

    Abdur Rahman

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