6 thoughts on “Teachers Open the Door

  1. Dear Abdur Rahman,
    Salaams and a belated milad un nabi. Many thanks for this quote. I just got done grading the midterms for my students and will add it as comment in their papers.
    Mohamed Husayn

  2. Dear Janab Abdur Rahman, I have surveyed your website, it is Ok. Since you seem to have opened your mind to all faiths, I, a Hindu, would like to invite you and your friends who might be around London, to attend a course of 10 talks on the Dhammapada, the Buddhist scrptiure. It is in the Pali language in which Gautama Buddha himself preached his spirituality and led the world to enlightenment and Bliss.
    The talks commence on Saturday 19 April at 11 am at the Bhavan’s Institute of Indian Art and culture. For details reply by e mail to me or pl visit http://www.bhavan.net
    Looking forward to hearing from you, Salaams, Yours sincerely, Dr Shastry, A Freelance Sanskrit teacher.

  3. Peace and salaams to you Dr. Shastry,

    Welcome to my online home. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your invitation. I am honoured. I have read the Dhammapada and I recognise it as a work of wisdom and truth.

    I will check my diary and if I am able to attend then, God willing, I would love to.

    I will check and send you an e-mail shortly, insha Allah.

    My salaams to you and yours…

    God bless you always

    Abdur Rahman

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