Looking Out of the Window

Peace, one and all…


The path towards God is rather like looking out of the window of a train, as it passes through open fields.  I must look beyond my own reflection upon the glass, so that I might see into the beauty beyond myself.  And, I have only a limited time in which to achieve this aim.  One day this train ride of me will end and I will step out onto another platform altogether!

O Beloved, let me look beyond this mirage of me, into Your loving eyes.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

10 thoughts on “Looking Out of the Window

  1. Such a beautiful way to express our sheer inability to look past ourselves …even when we try we get caught in our own reflection ..with the only difference that we need to look thru the glass of love knowledge and love …inwards instead of … outwards… wonderful..

  2. Respected Brother Abdur,
    Masha Allah! what a soul touching thought! The Path towards Him takes us through myriad emotions and events which finally blend superbly with His plan.
    I pray that may He bless you with the vision to finally behold His loving eyes:-)
    Love and hugs.

    P.s brother could you let me know your e-mail id. Have lots to talk to to.

  3. Wa alaikum salaam Katib, akhi al-karim,

    Thank you. God bless you always too. 🙂

    I haven’t yet had a chance to read through your latest post (which I noticed the other day). Insha Allah, I will read it soon, as it looked interesting.

    Abdur Rahman

  4. Peace Dipti,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. God bless you always. It sometimes feels like every time I move, my reflection moves with me, striving always to get in the way.


    Abdur Rahman

  5. Salaams Krishna NC,

    Yes. The path towards God takes us through all kinds of terrain – intellectual, emotional, spiritual – though God is none of these things!

    I’ve e-mailed you directly and so you’ll be able to contact me directly from there insha Allah.

    Abdur Rahman

  6. A most insightful reflection, and not just the one in the window 🙂 Wonderful imagery, and oh so true. The train ride may seem long, but it is over all too soon.

    Ya Haqq!

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