This is Not Your Way

Peace, one and all…


This is Not Your Way

I wish these train journeys would last forever,
that I might spill forth
this heart of mine
onto Eternity’s waiting page.

I wish these nights of ours would never end,
that we might always
be alone, together,
and that naught might come between us.

But, this is not Your way.
You send me forth into day,
and bring me home into night,
so that I might grow to love’s true estate.

(Abdur Rahman, 23rd October 2007)

11 thoughts on “This is Not Your Way

  1. There is a sudden unwelcome change of tone here ,
    which contradicts earlier tone .

    Invalidates the earlier , loses trust of future .

    A little strange , a little surprising , a lot unexpected –

    perhaps closer to truth of the personality ! In that sense ,
    it is a revelation .

    Poems are just for public adulation !!!

    You may say that everything is permitted in poetry .

    Not everybody can accept it.

    All the same , it is a museum piece , needs to be
    engraved in silver and gold and hung in the hall
    along with other wonderful ones .

    Surely , it is from god.


  2. Peace Akash,

    Thank you for your comments, as thought-provoking as ever.

    Changing tones most often reflect my own attempts to listen to what the heart is saying. Errors, strangenesses and invalidations are all the product of my own shortcomings. Allah help me!

    Are poems for public adulation? I don’t know. Of course, I am human and have an ego, though my conscious intention (as far as I am aware) is to share, to speak, to hold conversation with any who pass by.

    Who am I to say what is and isn’t permitted? I just try to write as myself, to write what my heart is saying to me. This is the only subject I can write about with honesty, with integrity and with authority. How others read my poems often surprises me and if anything, shows me that things acquire valid meanings of their own beyond anything I am consciously aware of!

    Thank you for your compliments. Allah bless you always. 🙂

    Abdur Rahman

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