The Lord of Sirius

Peace, one and all…


‘And that it is He who is the Lord of Sirius’ (Surah al-Najm 53:49).


I have always loved gazing up at the night sky.  It has always evoked in me a strong sense of the beauty and grandeur of life.  If I recall correctly, I believe it was Socrates who said ‘Philosophy starts from a sense of wonder’.  My own philosophy started from looking at the stars of heaven in wonder.


Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.  According to Sol Station, Sirius A is a blue, main sequence star.  It is much heavier and brighter than our own sun and is some 8.6 light years away from us, with a much dimmer companion star, known as Sirius B (source).


Given this brightness, it is perhaps small wonder that Sirius has played a role in many cultural and religious systems.  The ancient Egyptians accorded a very important place to Sothis (almost universally believed to be Sirius).  Sirius was thus one of the few stars to receive a cult, in commemoration of her supposed role in the annual Nile innundation (see Erik Hornung, Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt, 80).  There is also an apparent reference to Sirius in the myths of ancient Ireland.  n Hindu mythology, Sirius is known Mrgavyadha (‘deer hunter’) or Lubdhaka (‘hunter’) and is believed to represent the god Shiva.  In medieval Europe, Sirius was one of the 15 Behenian fixed stars, which were important in kabbalistic magic. 

However, perhaps the most famous reference to Sirius is found in the Dogon people, where visitors from Sirius are said to have taught the Dogon their culture.  However, it has to be said, that this interpretation remains controversial.  Nevertheless, Sirius remains extremely important to the Dogon. 

The pagan Arabs are said to have venerated Sirius, which thus explains the context for the Quranic passage quoted above.  The aim, it seems, of this verse is to emphasise that for all its brightness, Sirius is still only a created thing and thus only God is truly worthy of worship.

Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

12 thoughts on “The Lord of Sirius

  1. Salaams Abdur, this is all so interesting. After seeing the new photo on your web page, I started looking for it to make a copy of it for my own enjoyment. Upon going into the internet, I found NASA photos for every day of the week and they were all breathtaking (including yesterday’s “blue moon”). It’s all very fascinating. Thanks for sharing.


  2. As-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
    Sisters and Brothers in Islam!

    Masha’Allah,Abdur Rahman.Allah(s.w.t.) has appeared to bless and guide us; through yet ANOTHER one of your insightful and inspiring posts.Jazak-Allah-Khayr!
    (Qur’an Surah Al-Najm 53:49)-
    “And that it is He(Allah)(who is) the Lord of Sirius(the star which the pagan Arabs used to worship).”
    Al-Hamdulillah!This is one of my favorite[but, how can we really have a “favorite”],and most perplexing ayat in the Qur’an.I feel that I’ve finally found a similiar “mind” and “heart”;that Allah(s.w.t) could allow to explore these ideas with, in a Halal manner.All of our lives as Muslims,in many respects,are given to us as a special opportunity by Allah(s.w.t.) to test our Takiyyah-Al-Nafs(Purity of The Soul)-Allah(s.w.t.) knows best.Please elaborate more on this Abdur Rahman.You are obviously FAR more educated in these manners than I,Allahu-Alim.I don’t believe I have an inner “lack of self-worth” by any means;but due to a lack of “formal” post-secondary or Madrasa education;I,as I’m sure many others, feel that it may be more damaging than helpful to discuss these issues in most places.I’ve probably “sat in the back” too long,because I’ve personally witnessed some Brothers(who may have meant well)”rush to the front” with VERY tragic results; in several areas of life as a Muslim.
    May Allah(s.w.t.) guide us,and protect us from the evil He has created within us.I’m SORRY for maybe mistaking many of you beautiful Sisters and Brothers of being too “mystical”,it caused me to be too harsh.Even though I still DID love most of y’all(and still “stealthy”learned from you,hahaha)!I,to my own deep regret and harm,unfortunately probably forget that it is Allah(s.w.t.)alone who is our Only Ultimate “Coverer and Protector”.I’m sure many of you remember the “Stuart Smalley” character from Saurtuday Night Live that Al Franken used to do.This could be a waste to time to “look up”,but it was HILARIOUS.”Stuart Smalley” was this over-effeminate “analysis-paralysys” new-agey,self-help addict.
    The character had this cable access call-in self-help show,where he would start looking into a mirror,sayin’ something like ‘I’m good enough,smart enough,and dog-gonnit’ people like me’.
    SELF-analysys without a balance of Qur’an and Sunnah(The Way of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.)-the sayings and examples of Him(s.a.w) and His(s.a.w.) companians(r.a.),
    is a dangerous extreme.However,it is also too dangerous and extreme to cynically assume that we,OR others can’t heal.It’s not within our ability or RIGHT to do this to ourselves,OR others.May Allah(azzawajal) guide us towards a healthy skepticism to be careful;but protect us from an unhealthy cynicism,that blinds us from our Blessed gifts of emotion and intellect.
    Stevie Wonder made an album named “Songs in the Key of Life” which makes me reflect on these ideas.I’ve gone back and forth with music and art as a revert-Muslim since ’97,most of us probably have.I desperately miss feeling “masculinely romantic” in all it’s healthy varieties.The Brothers at Al-Maghrib and Zaytuna have put some excellent materials about Halal,healthy romance.Long over-due;but great,Masha’Allah Brothers!
    I miss dancing to “Chicago House”music,”steppin”, or slow dancing to RnB.I miss 70’s Disco,The Clash,early 80’s idealist “hardcore” punk music, Euro-Electronica stuff,classic rock,classical symphony,whatever.I like “deep, esoteric mystical films”-anything by Kubrik,Star Wars,Jean-Luc Godard,Fassbinder,West African,Farsi,Russian,Brazilian, etc.There’s a great movie about “cinephiles” called “Cinemania”.I also consider most “Blacksploitation”movies,or anything with Burt Reynolds wearin’ a Cowbay hat and racing jacket to be masterpieces!”Bandit 1 this is Bandit 2-can ya’ read me”.We’re not that different.
    I lived all-over the Chicagoland area(and all over the Midwest before and since)from the mid’80’s to the mid’90’s.I live in a mid-sized city,”lower Midwest” with a large University masjid now;and was fortunate enough to have a vast variety of cultural,ethnic,income,and educational experiences growin’ up.We moved way too much though.I developed an advanced ability to “fake-it” everywhere,but don’t internally feel like I’m understood anywhere.Most reverts,”western raised” children of immigrants,or immigrant Muslims probably also feel the SAME way.We all have a lot of seemingly difficult “boxes” to coordinate,internally and externally.
    We’re actually BLESSED to have a more authentic experience comparable to the sahabah(r.a.) then most Muslims have had in history;if you think about, really.
    We are obviously not as blessed to have the Prophet(s.a.w.) or the Caliphs(r.a.);but our variety of backgrounds and experiences gives us a wonderful chance to help each other!The sahabah trusted Allah(s.w.t.) in the “final outcome “of it all,more then we do.That’s what we should try to help each other with,Insha’Allah.What are your opinions on this,Abdur Rahman?

    For Muslims,we need to especially remember the final ayat of (Surah Al-Najm 53:62); and after we recite this ayat,are commanded to make sajda(prostration) to Allah(s.w.t.),ALONE-
    “So fall you down in prostration to Allah and worship Him(Alone).”-(Qur’an Surah Al-Najm 53:62)then make prostration,Insha’Allah.Surah 53 Al-Najm,coupled with Surah YaSin 36 have been particularly helpful to me.I also like Surah 9 Al-Tawbah,for this as well.Your advice,Abdur Rahman?
    If we can remember this,Brothers and Sisters,then hopefully we can feel more confident and safe about the visionary gifts Allah(s.w.t.) has bestowed us with naturally; to help us worship Him(azzawajal) more completely.
    We’re only {hue-man/hu-man} after all.
    We’re Insan,NOT Insane:Al-Hamdulillah!

    One of my favorites,if not my favorite book,that has helped me to balance these tendencies is Ibn-Taymiyyah’s”The Criterion-Between the allies of The Merciful and the allies of the devil”
    What are your opinions on this book Abdur Rahman?

    Allah(s.w.t.) loves the oft-returning!
    (Qur’an Al-Nahl[The Bees]16:68-69):
    “And your Lord inspired the bees,saying:Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect(mens’ habitations).”
    “Then,eat all of the fruits,and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you).””There comes forth from their bellies,a drink of varying colors wherein is healing for men.Verily,in this is indeed is a sign for people who THINK”

    The Prophet(s.a.w.) said,”Honey is a remedy for every illness and Al-Qur’an is a remedy for all illness of the mind.Therefore I recommend to you both remedies,Al-Qur’an AND honey[Bukhari]

    “Casey” Kasem(actually Kemal Amin Kasem of Lebanese Druze origin) is a famous American DJ and voice-over actor.
    He’s most known for his American Top 40 weekly radio shows.At the end of his show he says”keep your feet on the ground,and keep reaching for the stars”
    Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen.

    Your loving Brother in Islam-Musa

    P.S.-Sorry this was so long everybody.I wanna’ stay and write all night,but I’m late for dinner with my Mother.
    May The Peace,TheMercy,and The Blessings of Allah(s.w.t.)be upon all of you.

  3. Salaams Musa,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you for stopping by. Thank you for your comments. All are welcome.

    I look forward to sharing more with you…

    Abdur Rahman

  4. im indonesian,,
    do you know about sirius????
    where it?
    and how find the sirius and all (star)
    please send me messages…..

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