Sailing the Seas of Blog 3: The Revenge of Blog

Peace, one and all…


Welcome to the third instalment of Sailing the Seas of Blog (Part 1, Part 2), where I post links to articles I’ve either enjoyed or found thought-provoking.  Well, that’s quite enough introduction, let’s set sail.

  1. Common Placer: What Need You Know About My Love of Islam.  An excellent personal account of Common Placer’s love for Islam
  2. Darvish: You.  A spiritual poem of the first order by our worthy brother Irving (aka Baba Darvish).
  3. Mind, Body, Soul: Criticising Traditionalism.  A series of important and passionate posts on the criticism of traditional Islam.  (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).  This is part of a much wider debate.  Links to other voices in this conversation can be found at Yursil’s blog itself.
  4. Mystic Saint: 5 Sufi Haiku (by Hamza Peter Weismiller).  An excellent and eloquent series of 5 short poems. 
  5. Mystic Saint: What is Divine Love?  Another interesting article from the ever worthy Sadiq bhai.

Insha Allah, I’ll add a fourth instalment in a few weeks.  Not so much a blog carnival, as a blog coffee morning!

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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