The Carnival of Islam in the West (9)

Peace, one and all…


This ninth edition of the Carnival of Islam in the West has just been published (by Fahad of Personal Quran).  This month’s edition offers lots of tasty treats and delectable delights, all of which will tempt your reading tastebuds I’m sure.  Articles range from issues of religion and worship through to poetry and political engagement.  Insha Allah, there’s something for everyone, and it really does underline the point I made when I hosted the carnival a couple of months ago: there’s an amazing (and mostly hidden) wealth of creative talent among the Muslim communities of the west.  Ma sha Allah.

Brother Fahad has also very helpfully appended a list of the previous editions, which I’ve cut-and-pasted here:

You’ll also find a couple of my own articles there.  Enjoy and may Allah bless all who took part, all who helped organise it and all who pass by.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

4 thoughts on “The Carnival of Islam in the West (9)

  1. Salaam.

    I forgot to say thanks for linking to the carnival here, so… thanks!!!

    Thanks for participating as well!

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