Madad Ya Rasul Allah!

Peace, one and all…


Here’s a beautiful rendition of the well known nasheed Madad Ya Rasul Allah, by Mohamed Mounir.  Enjoy and may Allah make it beneficial.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


17 thoughts on “Madad Ya Rasul Allah!

  1. Jazakallahu khayran for sharing!

    Been a long time since ive listenend to this… my first year of uni! 🙂

    Do u know of any versions of this nasheed?


  2. Salaams Safiyah,

    Well, so far, I’ve only found this one. I loved the Night of Remembrance version (by Khalid Belhrouzi I think).

    It is beautiful, ma sha Allah.


    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salaams Bhai,

    Masha Allah, beautiful nasheed!
    Jazaak Allah for sharing this in the month of baraka, Rabi’al Awwal.
    All praises and blessings are for our beloved Prophet(SAW).

    Allah Hafiz


  4. Assalamou’Alaykoum Sidi Abdur Rahman

    wa anta min ahl al Jaza. Ana oukht 😉 Tacharrafna akhi-l fadheel.

    I thought you were Turkish, seeing the beautiful poem of Yunus Emre online on your site … 🙂
    Thank you make of the heart for this wonderful site, which I find very rich in knowledge. A real garden of peace.

    May God bless you also, as well as your family Amîn


  5. Mâsha-Allâh Sidi Muhammad al Habîb, marhaban Bika !
    Wa fikoum al Baraka Amîn
    Wa Allâh jâzik for your site filled with beautiful videos.
    Allah loves you, you always accompanies


  6. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Mohamed

    Ahlan wa sahlan and welcome to my online home. 🙂

    Thank you for your link and your comments.

    May Allah bless you too, now and evermore.

    Abdur Rahman

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