Lack of Presence is Bad for the Health!

Peace, one and all…


Lack of Presence can, it seems, be bad for your health! 

As I was cooking last night’s dinner, my mind was occupied with all the mundane details of life.  Before I knew it I had cut my thumb quite badly.  Al hamdu lillahi ala kulli hal!  Accidents sometimes happen for a reason.  I need to concentrate upon the immediate task at hand. 

Priorities, in other words, are what it is all about.  We need to be Present in order to know when a given situation is dangerous.  I wonder how much this accounts for sin.  Is sin merely unthought-through action/desire?  If I was able to truly think through the consequences of my actions, then would I ever really sin?  Or, at least, would I sin knowingly?

Being Present, then, is the way forward.  The ability to live fully in each moment, to be there in each moment, is what I’m looking for.  Presence, as a descriptive label, feels right to me for several reasons.  Firstly, becoming present suggests that I am already capable.  I couldn’t be Present if it was impossible.  Secondly, Presence suggests companionship.  That is, I am in the Presence of others and ultimately, I am ever-Present before the One (whether I realise that in each moment is a very different matter).  Thirdly, Presence makes me think of giving something, or presenting something.  I am struggling to Present my service and Love to God, my true Beloved.

Presence is thus a rich metaphor and metaphors help us find our way in this confused and confusing world.

Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

11 thoughts on “Lack of Presence is Bad for the Health!

  1. very interesting thoughts/reminders akhi…. making me think of our five daily prayers…. bowing and prostrating to our Lord… but are we really present? DO we really realise Who we should be turning ALL our attention to….

    Ya Rabb help us to worship You with presence of heart and soul…

  2. salaams abdur rahman bhai,

    Alhamdulillah, your words on ‘presence’ urges me to live each moment fully. As you said, sins come from absent-mindedness only.
    Every moment is a gift of Allah, and I should accept that gift with pleasure. Absolute pleasure comes only by realising my nilness and the fulness of my lord.

    May Allah help us live the life He gave us in His wish…


  3. Salaams, one and all…

    Thank you all for your comments. May God reward you with all that is good. Thank you Saifyah for the link (it was much appreciated).

    Presence, as a descriptive label, is not my own. It’s from Shaykh Kabir Helminski of the Threshold Society ( But, it is certainly a rich vein of meaning.

    Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salat wa salam) said: ‘There is no Prayer without Presence’, which merely underlines its significance.

    May Allah help us all.

    Abdur Rahman

  4. Salaams Abdul Muneer bhai,

    Al hamdu lillah. My thumb’s fine now. 🙂 Jazak Allah for asking.

    How painful it is to turn away, even for a second, from being present before Allah Jalla Jalaluhu.

    Ya Rabb!

    Abdur Rahman bhai

  5. Jazakallah khair for this reminder, May Allah bless you and your thumb.

    You Reminded me of something shaykh Faraz Rabani said regarding heedlessness:

    “In Shariah a reprehensible innovation is something completely contrary to the Sunnah of Prophet(saw). The Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) was that he was always in the remembrance of Allah, conscious of Allah, even in his sleep.

    Do people fall into sin when they are conscious of Allah? No, when they are heedless of Allah they commit sins.”

    Indeed, being Present is difficult when we have so many other (unecessary) thoughts occupying us.


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