A Poem of Shah Nimatullah Wali

Peace, one and all…

Having just mentioned some of the new books I’ve got from the library, here’s a poem from one of them!  Indeed, not wanting to miss out on the reward of sharing insights, here’s a very deep poem of Shah Nimatullah Wali, the founder of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order (to which our good friend Irving at Darvish belongs).  This is an interesting choice for me because it incorporates many of the themes and metaphors I’ve recently been using myself.

‘Take one step beyond yourself –
the whole path lasts no longer than a step.
Beg alms from yourself – don’t go wandering –
outside yourself the Way cannot be found.
If it’s love you’re after, naught yourself;
only the lover minus self knows love.
In the hope of His union suffer
the weight of separation all your life.
A rose without thorns cannot be found –
there is no gathering of roses without shedding blood.
Seek His pearl-secret from the ocean-hearted dervish –
there is no diver in His ocean but the dervish heart.
Speak not of infidelity or faith
no, be sacrificed in the way of love;
for in His presence there is no room, no time
for dogma, infidelity or faith.
Seeker, no one attains to love
without rising above yesterday and tomorrow.
The day is today.  No lover
knows care for the future!
Speak no more of silver and gold with Nimatullah
this lovely gold of yours is nothing but a jaundiced corpse.

This profound poem is taken from Shah Nimatullah Wali’s diwan.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

10 thoughts on “A Poem of Shah Nimatullah Wali

  1. May Allah bless the soul of Shah Nimatullah Wali, a friend of the Friend, and may He bless you, dear Bhai, for bringing us this wonderful example of Sufi poetry.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Amin, dear bhai, to your du’a. 🙂

    I had to include this poem as it just speaks to my heart. I’ve been thinking about these kind of issues a lot recently.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Shah Nimatullah Wali is my favorite Sufi Saint and Spiritual Guardian for years. Unfortunately I have only read about him from a single book in which a number of other Sufi Saints were featured. I do not even recall the book-title for sure but of all the stories therein, I recall Shah Nimatullah Wali’s story in detail. This poem of his is a very strightforward demonstration of the mystical way of life of an accomplished Soul. It falls in line with the mystical experiences of all spiritual pilgrims who have been there on the El Camino Real of Dr. Julian Johnson in his Path of the Masters.

    Even a single candle flicker of light momentarily seen in a dark night gives joy and hope to the lone and fearful pilgrim. Shah Nimatullah Wali was not a flicker on the Divine Path. He was but a very powerful beacon of light. I pray not peace for his soul. He is peace itself. Only I pray for myself so I may imbibe and take his example as a guiding light for me to reach where reached. In that way I too may become a guiding light unto many others…who may dare take my humble example.

  4. Salaams Bhuka,

    Welcome to my online home. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

    Shah Nimatullah Wali was indeed a powerful beacon on love’s great path. May Allah sanctify his secret. May Allah bless all of those who have shown the way.

    If Shah Nimatullah Wali is your guide you will get on, insha Allah, with our worthy Nimatullahi brother Irving (see Darvish in the links section on the right).

    Ma’as salama,

    Abdur Rahman

  5. If in a society the majority is of “Seekers of Truth”, it shall be a blessing of God on earth.

  6. ma-kun daawa ze zohad-o-paar’saayee,
    riyaa ba-shud tareeqe khud nomaa’ee

    — a line from one of His (ra) poems from His (ra) Diwaan that I am holding and have gotten from ketab.com

    — Every poem in the Diwaan is an ocean filled with wonders, and each line is like a wave within the Ocean, inviting towards the Treasures through The Knowledge and The Wisdom!!!

  7. Shah Nimatullah Wali poets books in Arabic or paresis wants to buy is available in India please do sent me the address,

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