Words of Counsel…

Peace, one and all…

This poem is of recent vintage and is my response to a particular situation.  Enjoy…

Ya Allah! The Road towards You is littered with dead ends.  Guide me, Lord.

‘Don’t be sad,
for all souls are battered and bruised
in Life’s unsubtle school.
All must face their share of envy,
their share of grief.
Credit those near you with goodness of heart
and put aside your unworthy comparison.
Think long and think hard:
was it really a deed uncharitable?
Look once more with kinder eyes
and see the sorrow your unhappy pain has caused.
Be like a mirror and reflect:
on where you are,
how you got there,
and where you go from here.
Answers will come to you –
fresh from God’s Eye –
once you see these things with the sight of truth.
A problem shared, is a problem halved
says the truthful proverb.
Yet I would add this:
‘Pain thrown wide, is merely pain increased’

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

4 thoughts on “Words of Counsel…

  1. “Be like a mirror and reflect:
    on where you are,
    how you got there,”

    Indeed! Beautiful reminder for us all. We have to look at where we are heading in our journey, and make sure we are not falling away into the wrong path, and that the mirror does not reflect back something bad.

  2. M Shahin,

    You’re right. I’ve found the image of a mirror a very potent one, in terms of reflection (again I freely acknowledge my debt to Mevlana Rumi), in that it allows me to stop and think and to see the likely outcomes of particular courses.

    Thank you for your kind words and may God reward you with every goodness.

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Masha’Allah…

    there is always something to relate to in your poetry, advice, reminders, or just something to really think about.

    May Allah increase you in all that is good, ameen

  4. Salaams Safiyah,

    May God reward you for your kind words. All that is beneficial comes from God. All that is suspect, faulty and wrong comes from my own soul.

    Abdur Rahman

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