Old Love Songs…

Peace, one and all…

Here’s something else I’m working on.  It’s a little ecstatic, or at any rate that’s my excuse for poor structure.

Ya Allah!  How the soul yearns for You!

‘I just can’t stop listening to old love songs:
ballads of far away and long ago,
tales of hearts sighing with ache for the arrival of spring.
Amidst the words of a man’s love for a woman,
and a woman’s for a man,
lies another Love:

‘I’ll meet You on a bus at dawn,
an open top one if it’s warm,
and if the flowers are in bloom,
I’ll lose myself in You’*

Old love songs dance around my head and I see stars.
All sense has been knocked out of me: I’m raving!
Beneath each song lies a deeper song,
a melody more fervent
and a rhythm more profound
than any I have ever known.
Sometimes It draws near to the surface,
like a Beloved predator seeking its victim.

The feeling descends:
my seeing becomes honey,
my hearing becomes honey,
my smelling becomes honey:
everything turns to roses in bloom.

But not yet, not yet.
Old love songs still circle my soul,
until my old loves fall away to reveal
my One True Love beneath’.

* – These words were taken and adapted from a Paul Weller song entitled ‘Clues’.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

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