4 thoughts on “The 99 Names of Allah: on the BBC…

  1. Salaam,
    I was looking at your web page at blogger and
    I thought you might be interested in 99 names of Allah
    in a diffrent way of creating it,
    these are my original work and I hope you like it ,
    Please feel free to use them on your site.
    They can be viewed at



    Hafez from NYC

  2. Salaams Hafeez from NYC

    Ma sha Allah! I checked out your site. ma sha Allah! Your calligraphy is really nice and I’d be more than glad to use this artwork on my site. May God reward you with goodness for your generosity.

    Ma’as salama,

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salams,.

    I had heard this program when it was first broadcast. It was excellent with cintribution from yourself and other scholars. It was very moving and I head it several times then. Subsequently I tried to access this podcast from 2006 on the BBC Heart & Soul website but unfortunately it is not available to listen anymore.

    Do you happen to have an offline version that you could kindly share as I would to share it with my friends?

    Ma’as Salam,


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