Awe and Naked Wonder…

Peace, one and all…

Here’s another of Rumi’s ruminations (I still can’t get enough of that phrase). This time, as the title suggests, on the subject of awe.

‘Go and contemplate God’s wonders, become lost to yourselves from the majesty and awe of God. When one who beholds the wonders of God abandons pride and egoism from contemplating God’s work, that one will know his proper station and be silent concerning the Maker. Such a person will only say from their soul, “I cannot praise You properly,” because that declaration is beyond reckoning’,

(Mathnawi IV, 3708-3710)

It has been said that philosophy (which literally means ‘love of wisdom’) starts from a sense of wonder. That is, I suppose, philosophy is a response provoked by the wonder of life. The ‘wonders of God’, as the Mevlana describes them, are indeed too many to contemplate. Everything around us is a gift. The fresh air on a summer’s day, or even snow in the winter. All of these experiences have a meaning for us. However, God’s gifts extend far beyond mere phenomena. As the Tanakh (the Old Testament of Christianity) says: ‘The gift of God is life’. Life itself, as well as the ability to perceive and enjoy it, come ultimately from Allah.

I think I’ve run out of steam at the moment. I’ll continue these ramblings later (possibly, insha Allah).

Ma’as salama,

Abdur Rahman

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